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  • Fromm Fromm Cat Purrsnackitty Chicken 3oz

Fromm Cat Purrsnackitty Chicken 3oz

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Fromm Cat Purrsnackitty Chicken 3oz - Treat your cat to a savory delight with real chicken. These soft and moist morsels are perfect for rewarding your feline friend.

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Fromm Cat Purrsnackitty Chicken in a 3oz can provides a delectable and nutritious meal for your feline friend. Here are the key features of this product:

  1. High-Quality Protein: The Purrsnackitty Chicken recipe features chicken as the primary protein source. Chicken is a lean and easily digestible protein that provides essential amino acids to support your cat's muscle development and overall health.

  2. Wholesome Ingredients: In addition to chicken, the recipe may include other wholesome ingredients such as vegetables, broth, and essential vitamins and minerals. These ingredients contribute to a well-balanced diet that meets your cat's nutritional needs.

  3. Grain-Free Formula: Fromm's Purrsnackitty Chicken formula is grain-free, making it suitable for cats with grain sensitivities or allergies. It also aligns with the natural carnivorous diet of cats, focusing on high-protein and low-carbohydrate content.

  4. Natural and Nutritious: Fromm is committed to using natural ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This ensures that your cat's diet is free from unnecessary fillers and additives, promoting overall health and well-being.

  5. Convenient Can Size: The 3oz can size is ideal for single servings, making it convenient for portion control and minimizing waste. It's also suitable for cats who prefer smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.

  6. Palatable Broth: The savory broth in Purrsnackitty Chicken enhances the flavor and aroma of the meal, enticing even the most finicky cats to eat. It also helps keep your cat hydrated, supporting urinary tract health.

  7. Feeding Guidelines: Follow the feeding guidelines provided by Fromm based on your cat's weight, age, activity level, and individual dietary needs. Adjust the portion sizes as needed to maintain your cat's optimal body condition.

Overall, Fromm Cat Purrsnackitty Chicken in a 3oz can offers a high-quality and irresistible meal option for your cat. With its premium ingredients and balanced nutrition, it reflects Fromm's dedication to providing wholesome nutrition for pets.

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