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  • Fluval Fluval Biological Cleaner 8.4 oz

Fluval Biological Cleaner 8.4 oz

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Cleanse your aquarium with Fluval Biological Cleaner (8.4 oz). Maintain a pristine and healthy environment for your underwater companions.

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Fluval Biological Cleaner is a product designed to assist in maintaining a clean and healthy aquarium environment by enhancing the biological processes that naturally occur in the tank. Here are the key features of this aquarium cleaner:

  1. Biological Cleaning: This cleaner is formulated to boost the natural biological processes in your aquarium. It contains beneficial bacteria that help break down organic waste, excess nutrients, and detritus in the water.

  2. Reduces Ammonia and Nitrate: The beneficial bacteria in this product work to reduce ammonia and nitrate levels, which are harmful to fish and can lead to water quality issues if not managed effectively.

  3. Enhanced Water Quality: By promoting the decomposition of organic matter, Fluval Biological Cleaner helps maintain better water quality and clarity in your aquarium.

  4. Prevents Algae Growth: The reduction of excess nutrients in the water can help prevent or reduce the growth of unsightly algae, keeping your tank looking cleaner and more attractive.

  5. Safe for Fish and Plants: This cleaner is safe for use in aquariums with fish and live plants, so it won't harm your aquatic inhabitants.

  6. Easy Application: The product is easy to use and can be applied directly to your aquarium water, making it a convenient solution for aquarium maintenance.

Fluval Biological Cleaner is a valuable tool for aquarium enthusiasts, as it supports a cleaner and healthier aquatic environment by enhancing biological processes, reducing ammonia and nitrate levels, and preventing excess algae growth. Using this cleaner helps maintain the well-being of your fish and the overall appearance of your aquarium.

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