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  • Fluker's Fluker's Black Nightlight Bulb 75 Watt

Fluker's Black Nightlight Bulb 75 Watt

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Create a soothing ambiance with Fluker's Black Nightlight Bulb (75 Watt). Perfect for providing your pet with a gentle, dim nighttime light.

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Fluker's Black Nightlight Bulb with a 75 Watt rating is a specialized reptile lighting option designed to provide a gentle and dim light source during the nighttime hours. Here are the key features of this product:

  1. Low Light Output: The 75 Watt Black Nightlight Bulb emits a low level of light that is specifically designed not to disrupt the natural day-night cycle of reptiles. This is important for reptiles that require a period of darkness for their well-being.

  2. Nighttime Viewing: This bulb allows you to observe your nocturnal reptiles without disturbing their sleep patterns. It provides a faint, moonlight-like illumination that won't stress or interfere with their natural behaviors.

  3. Heat Emission: In addition to providing subtle lighting, the bulb emits a gentle and controlled amount of heat. This can be beneficial for reptiles that require a slight increase in temperature during the night, especially in cooler environments.

  4. Versatile Use: The 75 Watt rating makes this bulb suitable for use in a variety of enclosures and vivariums, accommodating the needs of different reptile species.

  5. Long-Lasting: Fluker's is a trusted brand known for producing high-quality reptile products. Their Black Nightlight Bulb is designed for durability and longevity.

  6. Fits Standard Sockets: This bulb is compatible with standard lamp fixtures, making it easy to install in your reptile enclosure.

  7. Promotes Natural Behavior: By providing a gentle, moonlight-like glow, this bulb supports the natural behavior of your nocturnal reptiles while allowing you to observe them during their active nighttime hours.

Fluker's Black Nightlight Bulb with a 75 Watt rating is an excellent choice for reptile owners who want to create a suitable nighttime environment for their nocturnal pets. It offers the benefits of gentle illumination and heat emission without disrupting the reptiles' natural behaviors and sleep patterns.

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