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Fluker's Daylight Blue Bulb 60 Watt

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Brighten your pet's habitat with Fluker's Daylight Blue Bulb (60 Watt). Create a natural, radiant daytime environment for a cheerful and active habitat.

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The Fluker's Daylight Blue Bulb in a 60 Watt rating is designed to provide essential lighting for reptiles and amphibians while offering a natural and visually appealing environment. Here are the key features of this product:

  1. Daylight Simulation: The bulb emits a bright, natural daylight spectrum, simulating the light conditions of a typical day. This is important for regulating your pet reptile or amphibian's circadian rhythm and promoting natural behaviors.

  2. Enhanced Visibility: The 60 Watt rating offers ample illumination, enhancing the visibility of your reptile's enclosure and making it easier to observe their activities.

  3. Ideal for Basking: Daylight bulbs are commonly used in basking areas to provide the necessary heat and light for reptiles that require higher temperatures. This can be essential for thermoregulation and digestion.

  4. Promotes Natural Behaviors: Proper lighting, including a daylight spectrum, encourages natural behaviors in reptiles and amphibians, such as basking, exploring, and feeding.

  5. Versatile Use: The bulb can be used with a variety of reptile and amphibian species, including bearded dragons, turtles, and many more. It's suitable for both diurnal and crepuscular species.

  6. Compatibility: The Fluker's Daylight Blue Bulb is compatible with most standard incandescent light fixtures and hoods commonly used in reptile and amphibian enclosures.

  7. Replacement Bulb: It serves as a reliable replacement bulb, ensuring that your reptiles and amphibians have access to the appropriate lighting and heat sources when needed.

  8. Daylight Effect: The blue-tinted glass of the bulb creates a daylight effect that is visually appealing and contributes to the overall aesthetics of the habitat.

The Fluker's Daylight Blue Bulb in 60 Watts is an excellent lighting option for providing the necessary daylight simulation, heat, and visibility for your pet reptiles and amphibians. It supports their natural behaviors, helps with thermoregulation, and is compatible with a wide range of species. This bulb is a valuable addition to your reptile habitat setup to ensure the well-being of your scaly or slimy companions.

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