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  • Dr. Tim's Aquatics Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh for Clean Surfaces & Water for Reef 8oz

Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh for Clean Surfaces & Water for Reef 8oz

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Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh is designed to help maintain a clean and healthy aquatic environment in a reef aquarium. It can be used to remove debris and unwanted substances from surfaces and water, promoting a better overall ecosystem for your reef.

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Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh is a versatile and efficient solution formulated to serve two primary functions in reef aquarium maintenance:

1. Clean Surfaces: Re-Fresh is an effective surface cleaner designed to safely and efficiently remove unwanted organic debris, biofilm, algae, and detritus from various surfaces within your reef tank. It's particularly useful for cleaning glass, acrylic, pumps, powerheads, and other aquarium equipment.

2. Water Conditioner: In addition to its cleaning properties, Re-Fresh serves as a water conditioner. It can neutralize chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals present in tap water, making it safe for use in reef aquariums. This helps ensure a healthy and stable aquatic environment for your coral and marine life.


Key Features:

1. Effective Cleaning: Re-Fresh works efficiently in removing organic buildup and unwanted debris on aquarium surfaces, improving the visual clarity of the tank.

2. Water Conditioning: It ensures that the water you add to your reef aquarium is free from harmful chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals, reducing the risk of harm to your aquatic inhabitants.

3. Safe for Corals: Re-Fresh is designed to be safe for use in reef tanks and does not harm coral or other sensitive marine organisms.

4. Versatile Use: This product can be used for cleaning and water conditioning in various marine and reef aquarium setups.


Why Choose Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh for Clean Surfaces & Water for Reef?

- Efficient Cleaning: Re-Fresh offers a hassle-free solution for maintaining clean surfaces in your reef aquarium, ensuring a beautiful and clear display.

- Water Safety: The water conditioning properties of Re-Fresh help create a safe and stable aquatic environment by removing harmful components from tap water.

- Coral-Friendly: This product is formulated to be gentle on your coral and marine life, ensuring their well-being.

Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh for Clean Surfaces & Water for Reef is a valuable addition to your reef aquarium maintenance routine. By providing both effective cleaning and water conditioning, it helps maintain a pristine and safe environment for your coral and aquatic inhabitants. This product is an essential tool for reef enthusiasts looking to keep their tanks clean and thriving.

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