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Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant 20oz

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Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant 20oz is a highly effective and innovative solution designed to encourage proper litter box usage in cats. Here's why it's a fantastic product for cat owners:

  1. Powerful Attractant Formula: Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant is specially formulated with natural herbs and other ingredients that cats find irresistible. The unique scent and flavor profile of the attractant are designed to entice cats to use the litter box consistently and reliably.

  2. Addresses Litter Box Aversion: Cats may avoid using the litter box for various reasons, including stress, anxiety, or aversion to the litter substrate. Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant helps address litter box aversion by making the litter box a more appealing and inviting environment for cats, thereby reducing accidents and inappropriate elimination behaviors.

  3. Easy Application: The attractant comes in a convenient spray bottle, making it easy to apply to any type of cat litter. Simply spray the attractant onto the litter surface to enhance its appeal and encourage your cat to use the litter box consistently. The non-toxic formula is safe for cats and humans alike.

  4. Works for Cats of All Ages: Whether you have a young kitten who is learning litter box etiquette or an older cat experiencing litter box issues, Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant can help promote proper litter box habits across all life stages. It's an effective solution for cats of all ages and breeds.

  5. Veterinarian-Formulated: Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant is developed by Dr. Bruce Elsey, a feline veterinarian with decades of experience in cat behavior and health. The attractant is backed by scientific research and veterinary expertise, ensuring its safety and efficacy for use with cats.

  6. Reduces Stress and Frustration: Dealing with litter box problems can be stressful for both cats and their owners. By encouraging proper litter box usage, Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant helps reduce frustration and anxiety for cats and promotes a harmonious relationship between cats and their human companions.

  7. Trusted Brand: Dr. Elsey's is a well-respected brand in the pet industry, known for its high-quality cat litter and related products. Cat owners trust Dr. Elsey's products to address common feline behavior and health concerns, making Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant a preferred choice for cat owners worldwide.

In summary, Dr. Elsey's Cat Attractant 20oz is an invaluable tool for cat owners struggling with litter box issues. Its potent attractant formula, easy application, and veterinarian-formulated design make it a reliable solution for encouraging proper litter box habits in cats of all ages and breeds.

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