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  • Aqueon Aqueon Pure Betta Beads Green 12oz

Aqueon Pure Betta Beads Green 12oz

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Aqueon Pure Betta Beads are a valuable aquarium maintenance tool. They contain beneficial bacteria and enzymes, promoting a healthy aquarium and helping with biodegradable gravel care.

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At Newfound Pet Center, we prioritize the health and vitality of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Introducing Aqueon Pure Betta Beads in a vibrant green shade, these unique beads are not fish food; they are a valuable substrate designed to promote a healthy aquatic environment and streamline your aquarium maintenance.


Key Features:

- Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes: Aqueon Pure Betta Beads contain essential beneficial bacteria and enzymes that play a vital role in supporting a well-balanced aquarium ecosystem. These microorganisms actively break down organic waste, improving water quality and ensuring a harmonious habitat for your fish.

- Biodegradable Gravel Care: These beads serve as a biodegradable substrate, contributing to the biological filtration process. They effectively remove impurities and ammonia from the water, fostering a cleaner, healthier environment for your aquatic companions.

- Aesthetic Appeal: The vibrant green color not only adds an eye-catching element to your aquarium but also complements the natural beauty of your aquatic residents.

- Ease of Use: Incorporating the beads into your aquarium is hassle-free. They enhance the visual appeal of your underwater world while facilitating efficient aquarium maintenance.

- Resealable Pouch: The resealable pouch ensures the beads remain fresh and ready for use, while allowing for convenient storage.


Why Choose Aqueon Pure Betta Beads Green 12oz?

- Enhanced Water Quality: These beads actively contribute to maintaining water quality by supporting the biological filtration process and reducing harmful ammonia levels in your aquarium.

- Aesthetic Enhancement: The vibrant green color adds an appealing dimension to your aquarium, creating a captivating underwater landscape.

- Streamlined Aquarium Care: Aqueon Pure Betta Beads simplify aquarium maintenance, providing a cleaner and more balanced aquatic environment for your cherished fish.

Elevate the health and aesthetics of your aquarium with Aqueon Pure Betta Beads Green 12oz. Order today to provide your aquatic world with the valuable substrate it needs to thrive.

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